Included with your VIP Ticket ($20 per person) is five libations tasting tickets. These can be redeemed at any of the following booths:

  • Boordy Vineyards
  • Heavy Seas Beer
  • Linganore Winecellars

Libations Samples from each:

Boordy Vineyards

Seyval Chardonnay Vidal Blanc: Crisp, clean, and dry – but very approachable, with hints of tropical fruit in the nose (banana, pineapple), honeydew melon, and a suggestion of herbs. The “Rockfish” is Boordy’s most versatile white wine: it is refreshing by itself, and it is an excellent companion to a wide range of foods, be it a casual picnic or a formal dinner.

Vidal Blanc: With an alluring aroma of cantaloupe, pineapple, caramel, and orange, Boordy’s Vidal Blanc has a clean semi-sweet finish balanced by refreshingly crisp acidity.

Shiraz: This rich & bold Rhone-style wine has aromas of figs, clove, and humus, with a touch of earth and black currants on the palate.

Viva Sangria: Sweet, light bodied red wine with a zesty blend of natural spices. Can be served over ice in a wine glass, or poured from a pitcher with sliced fruit.

Linganore Winecellars

White Raven: Crisp citrus nose leading to a refreshing light bodied wine with lively acidity throughout. The perfect white wine for entertaining.

Bacioni: A light bodied blended red wine with a background of oak, with hints of pepper and tropical fruit.

Skipjack: Clean, crisp, sweet white wine with a light hint of pear. Sweetness balanced by higher acidity creates a nice clean finish. 2012 Governor’s Cup Silver Medal

Steeple Chase: A semi-sweet red with a hint of cherry flavors enhanced by pairing this wine with chocolates.