We’re taking small steps to make a big change! We’re reducing our paper trail and sending more of our information by email and posting it on our website to reduce paper waste.

Please submit your exhibitor application electronically. 

Show Hours

Saturday, February 21 & Sunday, February 22, 2015
Saturday | 10AM – 6PM
Sunday | 11AM – 5PM


Complimentary Parking Available in Exhibitors’ Parking Lot. See diagram.

Loading & Check-In

Friday, February 20: 9am – 6pm. Please check-in at the Exhibitors’ Check-In table, Located in the hotel lobby, on arrival for important documents.

We ask that all booths be setup by 10am, one hour prior to show hours.


Sunday, February 22, 5:15pm – 11pm. No Early Breakdown



8’ High Pipe & Drape Backdrop, 3’ High Pipe & Drape Side Rails


Obstruction of aisles or booths All Aisle space belongs to the show. NO exhibit or advertising will be permitted to extend beyond space allocated to exhibitors. Any demonstrations, activities, or displays that result in the obstruction of aisles or prevents ready access to neighboring booths may be suspended or removed by Show Management. No double-sided signs and/or vinyl banners may be hung on a common booth line with another exhibit area. No items may be taped, wired, glued, or in any other fashion attached to the walls, floors or ceilings of the facility. For landscapers, please put a plastic mat or tarp on the floor before pavers are set. Exhibitors are liable for any damage to the facility and/or property of other Exhibitors they may damage.

Booth Payments

All booth fees must be paid in full by January 21, 2015 or set up will be suspended.

Exhibitor Badges

Check in at Exhibitor Registration upon entering the show to receive Exhibitor Badges. Please provide names of event staff if you would like them to be included on the badges. No badges will be issued for booths that may still have an outstanding balance.

Fire Regulations

All decorations must be of flame retardant material. All empty cartons, crates, or containers required for repacking must be stored in your vehicles. No storage is available at show site. No display vehicle, drapery, or structure may block exit doors or fire safety equipment. No cooking or open flames of any kind are permitted within the facility or booth areas.

Insurance & Liability

Insurance must be obtained by exhibitors for the time period of February 20-February 22, 2015 naming Turf Valley as an additional insured. Your certificate must stipulate coverage for workers compensation, comprehensive general liability including products and completed operations, independent contractors, personal injury and blanket contractual liability in the amount not less than $500,000.00. Fax the Certificate of Insurance to Turf Valley at 410-465-7365 by no later than Friday, February 8, 2013.

Booth Set Up & Operation

All booths are subject to the approval of the local fire marshal. We will be using John McFadden, The Art Decorating Company for our show set up. Exhibitors should have at least one person at their booth during show hours. Exhibitors are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of their booth throughout the show.

Download 2015 Exhibitor Application for Groups A, B, and C
Download 2015 Exhibitor Application for Food Vendors
Download 2015 Exhibitor Floorplan